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News School - ANG Newspapers
ver the past twenty years our community sponsored newspaper program has had a strong presence in Bay Area classrooms.

Literacy is our business. Our break-the-mold approach has introduced thousands of students to the only "textbook" they'll actually read for the rest of their lives. And our turnkey instructional programs have given teachers new ways to use this creative, cost-effective tool.

"My kids put their feet up every morning and read the paper. How can I thank you?"

Sixth Grade Teacher

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 Free Newspapers
Newspapers are provided to you at no
charge. They are donated by local
businesses and subscribers.

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Find out how helping local schools can reward your business with recognition in any or all of our Bay Area newspapers - Sign up to sponsor: 1) a timely curriculum guide with interactive lessons for a special unit, OR-2) the publication of a 16-page Special Supplement on an educational topic of your choice, OR-
BayAreaNewsGroup's award-winning Family Reading Programs, OR-4) An IN-PAPER serial story up to 16 chapters / weeks long.

Get Free Newspapers
Newspapers are provided to you at no charge. They are donated by local
businesses and subscribers.


You can get FREE newspapers and lesson plans for your classroom. Find delivery information, Curriculum Guides and Special Programs for this year... We can help you meet the California State Standards in every subject.

How does Newsschool help schools?

  • Provides programs for 300,000 students in more than 7,500 classrooms

  • Motivates students with fresh materials and diverse outlooks

  • Gives teachers timely resources for all subject areas

  • Includes award-winning family reading programs, special study units plus student contests and projects

  • Supports teachers with standards-based training curricula, workshops, field trips and services

  • Provides critical thinking skills

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