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Book Bucks - ANG Newspapers News School

To be a Sponsor, please choose a newspaper:

Tri-Valley Herald

The Argus

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Daily Review

  • BOOK BUCK$ is an award-winning, not-for-profit program that uses the daily newspaper to build reading skills at school and at home.

  • During BOOK BUCK$ week, thousands of students in your area will receive the newspaper right in their classrooms.

  • When they read the newspaper and complete the daily family activities, students can earn BUCK$ (play money) which they "spend" on prizes offered by local businesses.

  • On the Friday of BOOK BUCK$ week, the newspaper will publish the BOOK BUCK$ "Cool Stuff" Catalog which will list the prizes offered by various businesses.

  • Students and their families will visit the stores of the Prize Donors for two weeks to redeem their BUCK$.

Rave Reviews for

Quotes from Students

    "I had fun knowing that I could spend my own money on things that I want. Earning the BOOK BUCK$ made me feel proud that I earned something on my own."

    Nicole, grade 7

    "Thank you for letting us participate in the BOOK BUCK$ mania. It has really skyrocketed. You are so cool I think you should be the president."

    Marcos, grade 3

    "My parents were surprised that I got all the news before they did. And they were happy to take me out to spend my bucks. Hope BOOK BUCK$ will last."

    Joy, grade 6

    "I like BOOK BUCK$ because I get a lot more family time. I like searching. I was looking forward to homework and I love earning BOOK BUCK$. Thanks, you helped my family get together."

    Hayley, grade 4

    "The paper is very good and my family and I like this work."

    Braulio, grade 3

    "Thank you for the BOOK BUCK$ project. It has brought my mom and me closer together. It has also encouraged me to read more. It was thoughtful of you to do this for kids. I enjoyed the BOOK BUCK$ and so did my class. My mom hardly ever reads the paper but this gave her a chance. My mom even enjoyed doing this with me."

    Kimberly, grade 6

    "I really got into reading because of you. Now I want to be a writer. This is going to be my future. I'm going to read and write."

    Paul, grade 5

    "Thank you for sponsoring the BOOK BUCK$. I learned a lot about what is going on in the world. I learned that other people around the world have problems besides us."

    Tyler, grade 8

    "I think BOOK BUCK$ is a great foundation to get kids to read. I think kids should know what's going on in this world. I think they should know what this world is like."

    Janelle, grade 8

    "When I got the BOOK BUCK$ it made me feel richer than I ever was. It made me feel very, very, very special. It made me feel really proud because I worked hard and achieved my goal."

    Brian, grade 7

Quotes from Teachers

    "My students enjoy participating in this program. I hope to see it continue for many years."

    Ms. Sonoda

    "I think it is a wonderful program that gets children interested in reading the newspaper. Thank you for providing this learning tool to students."

    Mr. Epps

    "On behalf of my students and my staff we thank you for your continued support of the educational system. In a time that has many cutbacks I am personally grateful."

    Ms. Jordan

    "I want to thank you for your wonderful community involvement. The service you provide to the teachers and students in the Bay Area is commendable. The BOOK BUCK$ program was again a success with a 98% participation in my fourth grade class."

    Ms. Boss

    "I'd like to thank you very much for the wonderful BOOK BUCK$ program. It is a great way to get students to read and also discuss important current events with their families. There are too many people today who do not concern themselves with the world around them. This is a great activity for parents and schools to discuss these ideas and use them as a learning experience."

    Ms. Confenti

    "We had great fun with BOOK BUCK$ and the students learned a lot."

    Ms. Williams

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