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Teacher Questionnaire - ANG Newspapers News School

Please fill out this brief questionnaire so we can learn how to optimize our service to you.

Please select the Special Program(s) you used with your students:
(ctrl click to select more than one)

Which sections of the newspaper did you find were most useful or popular in your classroom?
  • Front Section
  • Local News
  • Sports
  • Bay Area Living
  • Classifieds
  • Business
  • Food
  • Opinion (Inside Local)
Please comment:

Please select the curriculum guides you used (if applicable):
  • It's NIE (K-3)
  • California (4)
  • Holiday Throughout the Year (3-8)
  • Classroom Newspaper (4-8)
  • Family Activities (K-8)
  • My Community and the Newspaper (3-6)
  • Geography (3-6)
  • The Weather Page (5-9)
  • My Community & The Newspaper (3-6)
  • Schoolyard Science (2-6)
  • Media Messages (9-12)
  • Science (5-12)
  • ESL (all grades)
  • Special Education (5-12)
  • Journalism (6-12)
  • Citizenship (6-12)
  • U.S. History(6-12)
  • Drawing Conclusions with Political Cartoons (8-12)
  • Reading Realities (4-10)
Were these guides useful?
If so, how? What other topics would be useful?

If you participated in any of our special programs, what did you think? What were the benefits? Were there any problems you encountered?

What's your overall view of our service? Has it helped you as a teacher? Has it enhanced your students' learning? If so, in what way?

What's your evaluation of our Web site? Has it been helpful? Is it easy to navigate?

How would you describe the delivery service to your school? (Check all that apply and feel free to elaborate below in the "Comments" section.)
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Sporadic
  • On Time
  • Late
  • Shorted me papers
  • Gave me too many papers
  • My papers were missing sections

First Name: Last Name:
Email Address:
Other Comments/Special Information:

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