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Sign on for Literacy - ANG Newspapers News School
Sign on for literacy In observance of International Literacy Day, your local newspaper, in partnership with the Alameda County Office of Education plus fourteen Bay Area Chambers of Commerce - will publish CAST YOUR VOTE FOR LITERACY, a special section to excite children and parents about reading.

You can celebrate reading too by making a tax-deductible* donation of $100 or more to the Newspapers in Education Fund. All of your contribution will help us provide schools with newspapers and teaching materials that motivate students to READ every day.

As a special thank you, CAST YOUR VOTE FOR LITERACY will showcase the names, businesses and personal signatures of community leaders who contribute.

Our nation's future depends on giving our children the tools they need to succeed in a highly competitive world.

*May be tax-deductible, consult accountant

Please CAST YOUR VOTE FOR LITERACY by clicking on the appropriate form below, print it out, then mail to the address on the form.

Yes....I want to encourage local students to read more in:

Sign On For Literacy Sponsors

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